How To Create Powerful & Amazing Sales Presentation:10 Tips

While delivering a powerful and amazing sales presentation, we asked the presentation community for their opinion on what all things they expect from a sales presentation.

Based upon their expert opinion we have written how to create powerful and amazing sales presentation:10 tips for your consideration.

We hope that this article will give you much needed confidence in order to deliver a better sales presentation.

So let us quickly get into how to create powerful and amazing sales presentation without further ado.

Let me ask you a question to begin with. Have you ever wondered what all things should be included to create a powerful sales presentation?

Let me answer this for you.

An ingenuous and credible narrative should be told by a carefully planned sales presentation. You must also draw your attention to your proposal and align it with the needs and wants of your audience. You should make your point as accurate and concise as possible as a good sales person.

An example of a powerful sales presentation shows the problem, but also provides solutions. It is essential, not only by telling them that the audience or prospect understand the problem.

The idea is to connect and immerse the audience fully in the process so that they relate themselves to the problem.

A powerful sales presentation should also follow and flow seamlessly according to the logic rules. You as a seller should be willing to travel great distances. The trick is first to begin with the result and then move on. Start with the great revelation, and then work from there gradually.

1. Concentrate on benefits and Not Characteristics

Spend most of your time communicating the benefits of the product or service and concentrating on features for an efficient sales presentation. The fact is that people are much more concerned about what can be done by a product to meet their needs than about a wider list of product features.

Tell your audience, for example, how a product technology facilitates their lives and saves them time, rather than simply telling them about the “bottom-up technology” of the product.

2. Begin With Transition

Do it: nail your sales presentation before and after if you want to build a great sales pitch. This is your focus. “What attracts human attention is change,” writes the Hollywood legend Robert McKee.

It is inevitable that if you show a change in the world that is greater than your firm.

You want to think, “Wow, the world is moving like this. Now we ought to go on that train!”

3. Trust Your Instincts

You can deliver the most effective sales presentation confidently if trust your instincts. There is nothing worse than sitting in bland sales, where low energy is often associated with lack of trust.

For better or worse, it is healthier to be more comfortable with the material that you are presenting than to be competent when selling to managers.

A good test of trust is to try to tell your story without slides. If without slides you can’t tell the story, you can’t tell it. Note that your slide deck is a tool for improving you and not the other way around.

4.Highlight Your Product Value

Now it’s time to get them back up, after you’ve pulled them down. Show them how much your product can gain. Good sales show what the product can do. Excellent sales show what customers can do.

Close three questions to show the gain: (1) What has been the customer’s outcome (2) what has been done to achieve that by the customer? (3) What product benefit or insight has enabled this action?

5.Clarify Your Desire To Collaborate

“Far more often, we presume that the connections we’re contacting or checking up with are aware that we want their business. We don’t tell them explicitly, but that can be a very powerful thing to do.

Something like; ‘I really hope to have the opportunity to work with you,’ can make a significant difference. It was effective for me!”

6.Include a Succinct, Pertinent Proof Of Your Product Or Service

Many sales audiences are suspicious of new products and services which are presented to them. This is particularly true when the service or product is offered by a business that they are unacquainted with.

Thus, when trying to deliver a sales presentation, integrate a concise, relevant beta version of your product or service to minimize a substantial chunk of this incredulity.

Because it easily demonstrates the value of your product, a demo has enormous value in terms of the appeal it creates for it. A relevant demo also helps your sales leads understand the key benefits your product can provide them.

7.First Make A Written Plan For Your Sales Presentation

Taking a break from the Power point presentation presentation or computer monitor and making plans of your sales presentation on paper is extremely effective. This is referred to as ‘story boarding,’ and it employs many of the same techniques used in Hollywood to create a strong and coherent story structure.

By sketching out your structure on paper, you’ll be able to see how the key sections of your presentation fit together (imagine your sales presentation as a series of acts, each linking and building on the previous one) and identify any weak points.

8.Use Attractive Images To Enhance Your Presentation

The most effective presentations include a strong visual element to keep the audience engaged, and on-screen text should be kept to a minimum. The majority of the information is best conveyed orally, with text summarizing the content in the form of a few key points.

Nothing is more depressing than visually monotonous slides crammed with tiny text, accompanied by the dreaded phrase ‘you probably can’t read this, but that says…’ These points must be exemplified with maybe some eye-catching and relevant imagery, which can be commonly found cost – effectively on reputed and reliable sites like unsplash by simply searching by the concept idea you are attempting to illustrate.

9.Start Making Your Presentation Aesthetically Pleasing

In a perfect scenario, flash (which is no longer supported by Google Chrome)must be used, but this can be impractical if you need to edit your presentations frequently (for instance, in sales), where PowerPoint will probably be sufficient.

That being said, you can simply upload a compact flash presentation within an alternatively customized presentation motivated by some comparatively tiny headers over the front page, alongside your corporate logo (typical headings for just a sales presentation could very well be ‘testimonials,’ ‘money,’ and ‘proposal’).

10.Consider Making Maximum Values In Your Presentation

In a typical 1-hour presentation, your audience would be most observant in the first 15 minutes and last 5 to 10 minutes. This is attributable to the fact that people ‘wander apart’ during presentations that seem to be heavy on content, visually dull, or poorly presented.

To counterbalance this, it is important to ensure that you are keeping your audience’s attention by providing new and exciting stimulation in terms of the content and distribution.

Methods for accomplishing this include:

Observation – Everyone enjoys hearing a good, related story.

Citations – It is normal practice to start and end sales presentation with citations that make an important point related to the presentation title or inject some sense of humor.

 Sense Of Humor -On that note, jokes can help to maintain audience energy, but only if they really are tactful, appropriate to the presentation, and humorous. Don’t pause to await thunderous applause, because if it doesn’t come, you’ll look very silly indeed.

Film or Video – Changing the medium you use will inevitably re-engage those who became disinterested during the presentation.


Sales presentations are a critical component of growing your business. There is no getting away from them. Accept them and try to incorporate all of these tips into your next sales presentation.

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