How to use the Slide Master?

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Slide Master is like Backend Design section of PowerPoint where we can determine the default layout and appearance of the presentation slides.

We can set all information about the theme, layouts, header & footer, colour, fonts and positioning of all slides. Once set, it helps in making changes to all slides in your presentation at a go. It’s a brilliant time-saver.

Please note: One should not add your content on Slide Master as this is only a Backend tool.

Slide Master

Use Slide Master to design your own theme.

  1. Open a New blank presentation
  2. Click on the View tab at the Menubar on top.
  3. From Master Views section on toolbar, choose Slide Master or use Shortcut: Alt+W+M
  4. A new dashboard opens
  5. First slide in slide pane (on left) is called Master Slide or the parent slide that defines Slide Layouts below.
  6. Use the existing Master Slide or click on Insert Master from the Edit Master section on toolbar.
  7. Click on Edit Theme on toolbar and select a theme that suits you. (For eg. windows theme Retrospect)
  8. Now, go to Retrospect Slide Master (first slide on left pane) and manually adjust the positioning of Date, Footer and Page number accordingly.
  9. One can change and adjust the positioning of the Header, sub-content, image placeholder to suit their need.
  10. However, to adjust the text justification, colour and features of the content or to begin designing the presentation, one must click on Close Master View on toolbar.
  11. It will directly go back to Home One can view the change on menubar itself.

To make a Custom Layout newly.

  1. Make sure you are still on Slide Master menu
  2. Hover on the slide pane (on left), to check the type of layout (Title Slide; Title and Content; etc)
  3. Click on Insert Layout from the Edit Master section to open a new Slide.
  4. Now go to Background Section from toolbar.
  5. Click on Colours to choose a default colour palette or click on Customize colour to make your own colour palette, name it and save it accordingly.
  6. Similarly, click on Fonts from toolbar and fix the Header and Body fonts accordingly.
  7. Choose Customize Fonts to make your own font combination, name it and save it.
  8. To change background, select Background styles from toolbar.
  9. Select one from default styles or to customize click on Format Background
  10. Choose one from Solid Fill, or Gradient or Picture Or texture from options.
  11. Hit Apply to All (optional) to add this background to all slides.
  12. Now click on Insert Placeholder from Master Layout section.
  13. Then choose Text/ Picture /Chart option from the menu
  14. The cursor will turn into crosshair which means we need to draw placeholder.
  15. To draw > Click and drag on artboard to suit your positioning.
  16. Now adjust the positioning of the Header and Placeholder accordingly.
  17. Then click on Close Master View on toolbar.

To use your new layout in current presentation:

  1. You are at your main dashboard at Home Menu.
  2. You can view or insert new slide on the slide pane (on left).
  3. To change the layout design, click on Layouts from the Slides section on toolbar.
  4. Select the layout that suits you.
  5. In order to view, your footer go to Insert Menu, click on Header & Footer in Text
  6. Tick on each section and hit Apply to All to view the Footer.

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