How to use grids and guides?

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What are Grids (& Smart Guides) and Guides?

Using ruler and drawing guides are critical to aligning content and objects on your screen. You can always customize guides in terms of space and colours while designing a PowerPoint presentation. Earlier versions of PowerPoint made it somewhat difficult to align things. Now, smart guides automatically pop up (red broken lines) as you drag and drop objects to help ensure that your objects are neatly aligned.

Make sure you open and set up guidelines on Slide master so that we have constant and fixed guides at the backend.

To View Ruler, Grids and Guides.

  1. Open a New blank presentation
  2. Click on the View tab at the Menubar on top.
  3. From Master Views section on toolbar, choose Slide Master or use Shortcut: Alt+W+M
  4. Go to Show section and tick on Ruler, Grids and Guide. One can view the changes on the dashboard.
  5. On down right as shown in Show click on the tiny Arrow symbol.
  6. It will bring up Grids settings panel, add values to Spacing to define the grid measurements according to your need.

To add guide positioning

  1. You can view Red dotted Vertical and Horizontal guidelines.
  2. Press CTRL on keyboard and drag to get copies of guides
  3. Align them to the Ruler and Grid for positioning your header, sub-content and body to suit your layout.

To know more details on how to use guides and gridlines and how to move them around, customise them, change their colour and spacing. Here, is a video tutorial to help you to use guides!

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