How to create your own Color Theme?

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Now it is even more simple to brand your slides once you have a theme or design you like. In Powerpoint you can customise your color theme. The color theme sets the colors you find in the PowerPoint color palette. The main colors are set by you, and then PowerPoint creates the various shades underneath each one.

color theme

There are three categories of color to select in for your theme

Accent colors: The six Accent colors are the ones that are most useful in the PowerPoint color scheme. These are the main colors you’ll use in your presentation, and all Charts and SmartArt will be created using these colors by default.

Text/Background colors: The four options here don’t have to be dark and light, as PowerPoint will use these colors as the background color for charts, and the text color for labels, assuming that you’ve chosen dark and light colors.

PowerPoint hyperlink color: If you want to add a special PowerPoint hyperlink color, and a color for links that have been clicked.

Create a new color theme

  1. Open a Blank presentation
  2. Go to the Design menu, click the arrow under Variants, and select Colors.
  3. Go to Customize Colors.
  4. Click a color box that you want to change. For example, Accent 1.
  5. Click a new color in the Colors dialog box.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each color you want to change.
  7. Close the Colors dialog box.
  8. In the Name box, name  your custom theme color
  9.  Hit Save >The theme color will be applied to the current presentation.

Tip: The Standard tab of the Colors dialog box shows 127 colors, plus white, black, and shades of gray. To use a color that doesn’t appear in the dialog box, click the Custom tab to view the custom color controls.

After you’ve defined a custom color scheme, it will be available on the Colors drop-down menu.

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