How to Use SmartArt?

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When working with SmartArt, you might often want to be working with shapes, to easily customize them and move them independently.


SmartArt allows you to build out a variety of diagrams, such as hierarchies, processes, cycles, and more. Basically, you can build out a simple bulleted list, and the art will adapt to include the points you add. With smart art you can communicate ideas with simple illustrations.

  1. Open a New blank presentation
  2. Click on the Insert tab at the Menubar on top.
  3. Select Smart Art from Illustrations section.
  4. You can view list of categories and graphics to choose from.
  5. Select for eg. Hierarchy Category and the Graphic chart will appear along with a text panel on the left.
  6. To add text start typing on the text panel. If not visible, click on the arrow visible on the left of the Graphic chart.
  7. Once you select a section in the Graphic chart, a new Menu tab opens on the menubar, SmartArt Design.
  8. Click on SmartArt Design menu to choose chart type and colour according to your need.

Watch the tutorial to know how to rearrange and edit the smart art. Now you can start with a SmartArt and move to shapes whenever you feel like it.

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