How to apply Slide Transition?

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Slide transitions fit in the gaps between each slide and often result in smoother, more interesting presentations. A transition can be as simple as fading to the next slide or as flashy as an eye-catching effect. PowerPoint makes it easy to apply transitions to some or all of your slides, giving your presentation a polished, professional look.

Slide Transition

Use these steps for various ways to create PowerPoint slide transitions.

Apply Transition

  1. Open a Blank Presentation
  2. Select a slide
  3. Go to Transition tab
  4. Select Transition style from Options Group
  5. For more option click on the arrow
  6. Double click to apply the transition

Modify Transition

  1. Go to Effect options from the menu.
  2. Edit the direction (optional).
  3. Click on Apply to all
  4. Set Duration with the help of the slider next to it.
  5. Set Sound with the help of the slider next to it.”

Tip: Using Apply to All is much faster and easier than applying the same transition effect manually to multiple slides. To add a transition to only one slide or a group of  slides, rather than the entire slideshow, select them before you pick a transition.

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