How to Remove Background From An Image?

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You can remove a background from a picture to highlight the subject of the picture or to remove distracting detail. There are two methods for removing background in PowerPoint.

Remove background

Set Transparent Method

  1. Open a blank presentation
  2. Insert picture onto your slide
  3. Select the picture
  4. Go to Picture Tool Format Menu
  5. And find Color, Select Transparent colour tool
  6. Go to slide and click and select the area which is supposed to be removed

This method does have few limitations in case if the image doesn’t have a sharp background or has a gradient in the background. This method is effective only when with simple and straightforward pictures.

Remove background Method

  1. Go to blank presentation
  2. Insert a picture onto a slide
  3. Go to Picture Format Menu
  4. Select Remove background
  5. Click on the picture
  6. Go to Refine group and click on ‘Mark Areas to Remove’
  7. Your cursor will turn into a Pen
  8. By default, PowerPoint will select the background to remove
  9. Now, Select Mark Areas to Keep, then with pen select the area you want to keep.
  10. Zoom and tune it to get beter results.
  11. Once you are done Click Keep Changes in the Close group.
  12. To Save the edited picture
  13.  Right-click the image and click Save as Picture to save your newly revised image as a separate file.

TIP: Neither of these methods work for vector graphics such as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Adobe Illustrator Graphics (AI), Windows Metafile Format (WMF), and Vector Drawing File (DRW).

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