How to create a brief for PechaKucha?

presenting ideas ppt
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People believe that Pecha Kucha can be used as an alternative to acting out a dialogue, giving a mini-presentation, or having a discussion.

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The trick to making an amazing presentation from your participants is to make sure that you start simple in your briefing and give clear instructions to get things started off.

Here is a quick checklist to look at when you start with making a PechaKucha brief

  • Give the topic for presentation while giving a idea about what can be put into the presentation and what can’t. Like is research from various sources a thumbs up or if you are looking on self insights.
  • Help them understand the 20×20 formula ( 20 Slides x 20 Seconds) formula
  • Give them briefing to be concise and be on the point
  • Tell them to reherse before the come
  • And all the presentation day logistics.
  • Make sure to give them instructions on how to time them on powerpoint.
Here is a simple set of instructions for a PechaKucha presentation that would help you start off quickly.

“With your assigned or chosen scientific topic, conduct research in print and online. The information should be fact-checked. Determine what information to include or exclude from the presentation. Using the Pecha Kucha presentation’s 20 slides x 20 seconds each rule, organize the presentation in a logical and coherent manner. Finally, present the information to your audience in a clear manner.”

To do this in PowerPoint, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to the “Transitions” tab.
  • Set the “Duration” to 00.01 to ensure that the transition time between slides is less than one second.
  • Uncheck the box next to “On Mouse Click” and check the box next to “After.”
  • Enter 20 seconds in the window next to “After.”
  • Click the “Apply to All” button.

Happy PechaKucha-ing!!!