Presentations are that happens irrespective of your field of work. The Pro Ppt section aims to give you new insights into what to do and not do with your presentations.

05 Good to Know Things about Google Slides for Newbie’s

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Google Slides (GS) is part of the free, web based Google Docs Editors suite that Google offers. The service also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drawings and Google Keep forms. Slides from Google are available on Google's Chrome…

How to Master the Art of Presentation for kids: 5 Essential Tips

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Now a day’s, Teachers are using PowerPoint or Google Slides to teach their class children more than ever before. As a result, putting together an appealing class presentation has become a necessary skill! We will discuss in this article about…

The Beginner’s Guide to 11 Things That Makes Good Presentation

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Free Tips, who doesn't like it. Is it imperative to have a good presentation? Strong communication skills play an important part in your success. Have you ever noticed how repeatedly someone you thought you knew as the inventor of something…

Presentation Habits-Top 10 Tricks You Should Accomplish

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  Have you ever thought why your Presentations fail? They fail when the precise needs of a client is not solved. You have to connect with your client in order to win their trust. Like a lawyer before a jury,…

How to make an Effective Presentation

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We are in the business of designing presentations and over years, one does start drawing a line between what's a good presentation and what's a bad one. While I wouldn't say that PowerPoint with less content is better than slides…

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