PRICE: $18 incl taxes

UK £14* | INR 1274*

On popular demand, we made a smaller more tighter version of the presentation template for someone who is looking to primarily drive it as a company profile and basic presentation.

  • 375+ Slides, best mix for startups and small team organization
  • 16:9 Screen ratio
  • 100+ Icons (line & filled)
  • Dark & Light theme



  • Single license for unlimited use for personal or professional work
  • Can’t be used to resale the template
  • Can’t be used organization-wide

(Payment through debit, credit, paypal and apple pay)

PRICE: $45 incl taxes

UK £36* | INR 3186*

The Millennial Business Template is designed to most used, designed keeping ease of use and design to suit to every need.

  • 800+ slides, best mix for large organization presentations & research deck
  • 16:9 Screen Ratio
  • 300+ Icons (line & filled)
  • 30+ Colour themes (dark + light)
  • 2 Months of Free Support



  • Single license for unlimited use for personal or professional work
  • Can’t be used to resale the template
  • Can’t be used organization-wide

(Payment through debit, credit, paypal and apple pay)

Customize the Millennial for your organization. We build your organizational color scheme, fonts and customize and create slides that are regularly used at your organization to build a master standard template.

  • 800+ slides + custom slide design
  • 16:9 screen ratio
  • 300+ icons (line & filled) + industry vertical icons
  • 6 dark & light themes based on the brand



  • Organization template license for unlimited use for professional work

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Millennial Global Sale

With over 11000 patrons, the Millennial Template is the largest and most loved collection of unique collection of presentation slides, icons and colour themes that you would find crafted by presentation designers.

Millennial Presentation Template Reach

Source: Paddle

Top locations from where the Millennial is getting its traction from:

  1. Bangalore, India
  2. Abu Dhabiz, UAE
  3. Atlanta, USA
  4. Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Milan, Italy


What is the PowerPresso?

Powerpresso is a presentation design studio. We work with client presentations and turn it around visually. We have been around for 6+ years now and continue to serve clients globally.

What is the Millennial Presentation Template?

The Milllennial Presentation Template is a created by PowerPresso. We been working on presentation decks for half a decade and we realised that millennial template can help a lot of clients to get basic design ready. For which we made a set of pre-made slide and template slides which helps in getting your deck ready in a quick and designed manner.

Whats the difference between pre-made slides vs template slides?

Pre-made slides are design and temp content based slides that are quick to edit as the page and designed elements are already in the slide. Once the content is replaced, there is very little that has to be done to the slide to make it ready.
Template slides are not content ready slides, these are outlines of what can be in a slide and often take more time to edit and arrange to get to the final outcome.

I have a coupon code, how do I use the coupon code?

The coupon code given by the PowerPresso Team are only work. Usually conditions are given when coupons are also given wrt validity, usage and details.

Once you have the coupon code, use the coupon on the payment screen. The coupon code link is usually below the price of the product.

How much long will I have to wait to get my order after payment completion?

The process is almost immediate. The mail is sent to the email id that you would in the payment panel on paddle.

If you haven’t received anything, get in touch with us on

How will the order be delivered? (Critical)

The order and invoice is sent to the email id entered. It is imperative that you are careful in putting your id there as that is the only proof you have to claim that you made a payment and should receive the product.

I bought the Millennial Startup, but I want to upgrade?

Sure. What we can do is that you send us your invoice to the support email and we would send you a discount coupon for you to avail the Business with only the difference of the cost.

Check out the support page for FAQ section of Millennial Template here.


2 years ago, we identified a growing need of clients to have a template that would serve as a base to all their presentation effort that was simple and beautiful, provided a very flexible layout, was inclusive of different companies changing needs and was adaptable for growth oriented companies. As we have worked with several clients globally, we understood this need and put out the word that we are making the said answer. A template that is a one time cost for all your presentation needs.

With over 11k patrons, the Millennial is the largest and the most loved collection of unique presentation slides, icons and colour themes that you would find crafted by presentation designers

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