5 Most Suitable Business Presentation Kits That You Should Try Out

5 Most Suitable Business Presentation Kits That You Should Try Out

When your superior wants you to arrange a big business Presentation to a punter, the primary thing that comes to your psyche is Microsoft PowerPoint. There is no doubt that Microsoft PowerPoint is an exceptional presentation apparatus however there is no denying that as the business world has evolved in the recent past, you’ll need to look ahead of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation as the only available tool in the market.  We know how difficult it is to develop an interesting idea for a presentation on the fly.

So let’s acquire more information on 5 most suitable business Presentation kits that can be tried out to make your presentation a hit.

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  4. VISME


Pitcherific is a digital pitching tool that allows young entrepreneurs to perform and organize their pitches. Pitcherific should be one of your top choices if you are a job seeker or a start-up company. It gives you a number of templates that are specifically designed for pitching shareholders. All you have to do is to select a template, specify the length of your pitch, and get started. The best part is that it provides a stage for rehearsing your presentation until it is faultless.

You may visit Pitcherific.com  for more information. Watch The Video.


Google Slides is part of the free Google Docs Editors suite, which is accessible on the Google website. This service includes Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drawings and Google Keep. Google Slides is also available on Google’s Chrome OS as a web application, a mobile app for Android, IOS, Windows, and BlackBerry. Google slides is companionable  with Microsoft PowerPoint file format The app enables users to create and edit files online in real time in partnership with other users. Edits are tracked by the user with a change history. A colour and cursor-specific editor position is highlighted and the permission system adjusts what users may be able to do. Google Slides has Features such as “Explore,” suggested presentation layouts and images, as well as “Action items”. Time and again new updates are done to allow users to use this tool hassle free.

Get more info on Google Slides by visiting Google website.

Also watch the video on complete Beginner’s guide to Google Slides below:


The terminology keynote is derived from the cappella practise of doo-wop or barbershop singers, who play a note before singing. The note that is played determines the key to the song. A verbal communication that sets an underlying theme is a keynote in public. The deliverance of a keynote speech or keynote address in corporate or commercial settings is of greater importance. The keynote sets out the framework for the next programme. A convention moderator will often take on the role of keynote speaker. It will also highlight a bigger idea, a literary storey, and an individual piece of music or an event.

The keynote address or keynote speech is given at policy or industrial conventions and exhibitions and at academic conferences to set the underlying tone and to summarise the central message or most important disclosure.. Keynote speeches are also offered at university, high level university and major secondary school ceremonies, usually by well-performed academics or famous people invited by the student organisation. These speeches are often referred to as the beginning talk. A keynote speaker can be represented by an administrative centre for speakers independently or by a new multi-cultural model, such as the website for speaker’s wiki.

Kindly visit Apple Website to know more about Keynote.

Take a look at this video on A complete Beginner’s guide to Apple Keynote


Another significant tool that we are going to discuss here is VISME. It is based on the cloud that follows the trend of “no technology design.” You can do anything and everything from creating info graphics, presentations and reports, summarise your product advertising or even creating banners. It comes packed with beautiful slides that help you improve the appearance of your Presentation design. For the initial three projects, Visme is free of charge and then the cost is 7 dollars per month. The good thing is that you can either show it on line or download and copy and paste it on your PowerPoint, and subsequently submit it once you are done with your presentation.

Visit Visme to gather more important information about this tool which is very handy for your future presentations.



Slide Share is a professional content hosting Service Company in the United States which is now owned by Scribd. It hosts a variety of contents like presentations, info graphics, documents, and videos. Users can upload files in Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, or in Open Document format, either confidentially or in public. The content can then be viewed on the site or on mobile devices, or by embedding it on other websites. Users can also rate, comment on, and share the uploaded content on Slide Share. The service, which debuted on October 4, 2006, positioned itself as similar to YouTube but for Presentation purpose. The company was initially bought by LinkedIn in 2012. Scribd bought it from Linked In 2020. It was roughly estimated in 2018 that the website receives approximately 80 million unique visitors per month to Slide Share.

To gain more knowledge on Slide Share kindly visit https://www.slideshare.net/.

Video On How to Upload Power Point presentation To Slide Share.

By this point we understand that, you should be well-versed with the alternatives options that can be used instead of Microsoft PowerPoint. So, what are you holding out for? Contact us, create an engaging corporate presentation, and impress your clients! Also available are hundreds of templates to choose from our Millennial Presentation Template.