05 Good to Know Things about Google Slides for Newbie’s

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Google Slides (GS) is part of the free, web based Google Docs Editors suite that Google offers. The service also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Drawings and Google Keep forms. Slides from Google are available on Google's Chrome…

How to Master the Art of Presentation for kids: 5 Essential Tips

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Now a day’s, Teachers are using PowerPoint or Google Slides to teach their class children more than ever before. As a result, putting together an appealing class presentation has become a necessary skill! We will discuss in this article about…

11 Brilliant Tips for Presentation Cover Page

A cover page is a quick and simple way to add much needed value to your Presentation. You don't want to engross yourself in the contents and it's a great opportunity to start your deck on the right foot. The…

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